VIII. Annual                   

After previous successful annual conferences RESpect organization Committee organizes this year its already 8th continuation in attractive locality – Poráčska dolina and its situated recreation centre PoráčPark.

Date of the Conference is 26. - 28. march 2013


Goal of the conference is to provide space for discussion about renewable energy sources from the view of its potential, using, economy and impact to the living environment in the following sections:


  • Biomass, solar, wind and geothermal energy
  • Support of research in the area of RES
  • Actual trends in the business, economy and management of the energetics


Organization Committee of Conference invites you with pleasure to the participation on the 8th International Conference RESpect 2013 held under the auspices of Faculty BERG dean

Prof. Ing. Gabriel Weiss, PhD.


Scientific Committee of the Conference

prof. Ing. Adriana CSIKÓSOVÁ, CSc.,

prof. Ing. Michal CEHLÁR, PhD.,

prof. Ing. Peter HORBAJ, PhD.,

prof. Ing. Jozef JANDAČKA, PhD.,

doc. Ing. Zdeněk DOSTÁL, PhD.,

doc. Ing. Petr BAČA, PhD.,

doc. Ing. Dušan KUDELAS, PhD.,

doc. Ing. Štefan KUZEVIČ, PhD.,

doc. Ing. Radim RYBÁR, PhD.,

doc. Ing. Peter TAUŠ, PhD.,

doc. Ing. Jiří VANĚK, PhD.


Organization Committee of the conference

doc. Ing. Peter Tauš, PhD.

Ing. Marcela Taušová, PhD.

Ing. Ján Koščo, PhD.

Important terms

Sending of registration to the conference and abstract of contribution must be according instructions. It is possible to send registration and abstract by post, or e-mail to the contact address, term:

15th February 2013

Delivery of contributions according instructions  

5th March 2013


You can find detail information and organization instructions in this invitation: Invitation


Due to the limited capacity of the conference place we want to notice to sent invitation as soon as possible!  


You can find obligatory registration form to the conference here: Obligatory registration


Utterance contributions at the conference will be published at the reviewed anniversary volume. We ask authors to observe terms mentioned in the invitation. Abstract and single contribution has to be sent to the address of organization Committee of the Conference according template and we recommend you to edit it directly.

Template Abstract

Template Article


Organization Committee of Conference

is looking forward for Your participation, contribution and pleasure society